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don't try to be funneh !
want the codes please ask me :D
if not i may rape you .__.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 ; 6:19 PM {♥}

No moooooood for ball this few day lor !!!!!
All is cause by something/somebody lor!!!

Asshole love you {♥}

Friday, October 2, 2009 ; 12:26 AM {♥}

Asshole love you {♥}

Thursday, October 1, 2009 ; 11:40 PM {♥}

Asshole love you {♥}

Thursday, September 24, 2009 ; 1:35 AM {♥}

Ok now busy doin the media thing very wat lor......
Then l8r 5 pm cn go home le walao so late lor l8r the mrt full of ppl leh!!
Erm nth much to post 2day ..
Stop here.. Bye :)

Asshole love you {♥}

Saturday, September 19, 2009 ; 2:30 AM {♥}

OMG !!! Sick u noe...i am down with flu u noe
Then cnt parent dun let me go the wu shu thing. walao
yeah monday holi!
Gt home econ thing to do but finish le:)

Erm tell u all something , someone hor ask number from somebody leh....
Dunnoe who hor.Haha

That person take note:Good luck hor .hope tat person pester u more .I noe u feel happy about it .So dun hide ur feeling ok:) Hahas

Asshole love you {♥}

Monday, September 14, 2009 ; 2:48 AM {♥}

Erm very sian now .Erm birthday just over ..3 days ago....
Alots of things cnt do le , alot of places cnt go le ...so sad :(
Walao stupid wei hsiang they all nvr upload the video on com then return the camera ...siao lor
2moro gt match with yishun town sian i dun wan ..
just now go to eat with hui xin shiori and XiNyI
very fun lor ...eat n eat n eat non stop leh....
almost everything in the shop we try be4 lor ...
erm i tell u one thing arh , xinyi is crazy\.........
she trying to control me....i am going to kill her ok ...Hahahas$%#%$#%#$#

Asshole love you {♥}

Monday, August 31, 2009 ; 6:20 AM {♥}

2day as usual , go to sch at 6 then we need to reach sch at 7 coz need to write our wishes on the card 4 teacher.
Then in class, our class got something like paty but not la.
Jia Jia they all buy Pizza n drinks. then we eat lor .Too bad those malay cnt eat, coz they FASTING.Hahas.
Then at the concert , damn sian lor .Nth to do wan . Then the concert nth to watch wan lor , all so boring.
After tat ,go back primary sch.
I miss mrs hannah n mrs lee sia.
then after tat , we go play basketball with annie.
Then we play with a few guys ,
then when we playing,very funny lor.
Keep on laughing at annie.....
Then 2moro we going to BAS at 1.30.


Plz la , dun be so selfish la . U think u own tat friend meh.Only know how to pangseh others.
Plz la hor , go reflect on urself la hor , dog
dun act as if u r innocent or what so ever. Ccb .
I dun need you as a friend plz.Dog.

Dun be so naive la . Ppl around u r using u as substitute only.
Ppl ask u do wat u do wat,u their dog izzit ?
u r also another 1 should go reflect on urself.
Everytime also act blur blur, u think wat?ppl will pity u meh ?
plz la hor.ass

Asshole love you {♥}

Sunday, August 23, 2009 ; 8:02 PM {♥}

Go to school as usual.
Then reach school at 7.
On then bus we laugh until siao .
Sian still haven film the media thing sia.
Wa lao waste my time lor.
Plz lor , my friend around cnt arh.
Then ask u to go to my friend hse , dun wan.
Sian l8r nth to do , muz go home
Yesterday go Xin Yi hse play Wii .
Then actually wanted to watch the Haunted Office but cnt watch
dunnoe go where watch.
then l8r gt test but i nvr study
then 2moro maybe no cooking sia,
Wa lao i want to cook leh.....
ok stop writing now Byee...

Asshole love you {♥}

Thursday, August 20, 2009 ; 6:11 PM {♥}

Now havin lessons
Then we at com lap
L8r goin to watch movie with Annie n, Jia Yu n Xinyi .
We watching where gt ghost at 3 plus.but be4 tat we go home 1st then go.
2moro goin to friend hse to do filming 4 the media .
then need xinyi help but dunnoe if she want to go ??
Wa lao sian all my clips all broken sia.
Got to stop blogging now .Byes:)

Asshole love you {♥}

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 ; 9:32 PM {♥}

Me n Lim XinYi <3

Asshole love you {♥}

; 9:01 PM {♥}

Wa lao sian , long time nvr post liao...Now is Geo lesson then we come to the com lap mah..
Yeah...Tis fri go watch movie with Jia yu ..then maybe Annie also got go lor then good..
Long Time Nvr Go out with her liao .Miss Her <3
L8r goin to mac with xin yi n Ying yi they all .....Then we planing to go back to Kranji for teacher day , hope cn go together as a team loor hope so ...Got to stop now ..Byes

Asshole love you {♥}

Friday, August 7, 2009 ; 5:48 AM {♥}

Wa 2day very fun sia ,me ,xinyi,yingyi,jinhui n kailing went to chinese garden to explore .
But kailing went off 1st,then we walk until damn tired lor .We keep on laughing coz jin hui very funny sia.She keep on making us laugh sia . She too funny liao. then we go climb up the 7-storey pagoda,very tired also...Then we go into the bonsai garden then gt a few bangala keep on following us sia then we faster go off.Then we go up a slope then xinyi they all play with pad , they do experiment on the pad , they go put ink on the pad then the whole pad turn blue colour .Then we plan to go Haw Par Villa to play again .
2moro i goin to genting with xinyi ,then we 5 o'clock set off....i still haven pack for 2moro lor . Erm stop blogging le , go play game le ..


Asshole love you {♥}

Monday, July 27, 2009 ; 5:14 AM {♥}

2day sibei sian,during lesson feel lik sleeping sia .
U think i wan to be in ur group meh , think wat ,fuck you , u r just a dog nia ,
who r u to bark here lor. U R JUST A DOG TO EVERYONE LOR.
U have no right to bark at me ok DOG.
Always find trouble with others , nth better to do izzit,
Fucking tired 2day .Although we have lost But Good job girls,We have made an improvement
U all have done a superb great job. Love u all <3

Asshole love you {♥}

Friday, July 24, 2009 ; 7:10 AM {♥}

In the morning as usual go to sch, then in sch .Sian we draw Unity ,Dunman n Nanyang sia ...then just now gt training ...after tat we go playground play awhile then junior they all also come to playground then we play until siao lor ....then just now watch show on com ....Btw jia you 4 the match on mon :)Offence wins tickets, defence wins CHAMPIONSHIPS:)Jia You Jia You <3

Asshole love you {♥}

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 ; 5:50 AM {♥}

Wa lao damn tired tis few days,things was not too well 4 me .Stop insulting me cn anot , i am alrdy so sick and tired of it alrdy leh ..Fuck la ass..Regret la wa lao ...Not fair ok ....Not i don't wan to do IS U did not give me Any Chance OK then still say wat sia ...

Asshole love you {♥}

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